Frequently Asked Question
How do I get a mining wallet?
Download the latest version of Mist client or create a web wallet on
Can I mine on the exchange's wallet?
Register on the exchange and create a wallet for one of the coins that our pool works with
How do I register on a pool?
Registration on the pool is not required. In order to start mining, you need to click on the link:
  • You will need to select the nearest server location and the mining pool where you are going to mine.
  • Next, you will need to enter the address of your ETH wallet to which all mining rewards will be sent, as well as enter the name of the worker to track the statistics of individual farms.
  • As an example, you will see the connection string for ethminer consisting of the Protocol name ('stratum'), wallet address, address and port for connecting to the pool, and the name of the client

What coins can I mine on CoinFly pool?
You can mine ETH (Ethereum) coins on CoinFly pool. More coins will be added soon.
What GPU can I mine ETH?
To fully mine ETH coins, you need to have the following types of GPUs:
nVidia - 1060 and higher.
AMD - RX550 and higher.
4 GB of RAM on video cards.
How do I know that everything has started and works without errors?
Your estimated hashrate on the toolbar is not equal to 0.
On the statistics page, you can see the number of orders received from your miners. This can be 0 if you stopped mining during the round or if your miner is very slow.
Basic mining statistics are available at the address of the wallet you are mining to. Statistics are available at the link: In the "address" field, you need to enter your ETH wallet, which is used for mining.
What is a hashrate?
Hasrat Ethereum (eng. hash rate is an indicator that shows the speed of solving mathematical problems (hashes) that generate new blocks in blockchain networks based on the pow (Proof-of-Work) algorithm.
When we talk about the Ethereum hashrate network, we mean the aggregate of computing power of mining equipment connected to this network.
The hashrate of Ethereum, like any other blockchain network, is measured in hashes per second (H/s). But in order to avoid using an excessive number of zeros at the current stage of computing power development, the hash rate of the Ethereum cryptocurrency is expressed in Gigahashes (1 GH/s = 1000000000 H/s) or Terahashes per second (1 TH/s = 1000000000000 H/s).
The current Ethereum hashrate indicator hovers around 150 TH/s and is formed by all GPU/ASIC devices connected to the ether network, whose power is usually combined through mining pools.
How do I find out the hashrate of my hardware?
You can see the actual speed of calculations after you start mining through the mining program.
How much can I earn based on my hashrate?
To evaluate the productivity of mining, please use the service
What method do you use to pay remuneratio
Our pool has a PPS reward type – a system of pool rewards that is static in nature.
Each miner receives a reward for each ball in proportion to the complexity of the balls received by the pool in relation to the complexity of the entire network. In this case, the reward is awarded regardless of whether the block was extracted by the pool or not.
What is the difference between PSP+ and PPLNS?
PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) - Payment for the last N shares. The difference from PPS+ is that there is no fixed payment for the ball, and in this case the speed of finding the block or the time of the round plays a role, the faster the blocks are the more we get, and Vice versa.
What is your pool commission?
Our mining pool does not charge users any commissions for mining and for withdrawing rewards. It is completely free.
How often will I receive mining rewards?
On our pool, you will receive mining rewards every 24 hours directly to your wallet.
What is your minimum payout amount?
The minimum payout amount on our pool starts from 0.05 ETH
How do I view the balance of the mined item?
To view your current balance, you need to click on the link:
In the "address" field, you need to enter your ETH wallet to which the rewards are paid.
In the "ETH balance" item, the current balance of your namain will be available.
I can't connect
If you can't connect, then check the Protocol that you use to connect to mining.
In our case, we use the Protocol to connect: "stratum"
If you connect to our pool using the "stratum+tcp" Protocol, you will most likely have problems connecting.
How do I view all transferred mining rewards to my wallet?
In order to view all the rewards received for mining to your wallet, you need to click on the link:
In the "address" field, you need to enter your ETH wallet to which the rewards are paid.
What is shares stale, shares invalid and shares valid?
  • valid shares - correctly calculated balls of the required complexity, delivered to the pool on time

  • stale shares - correctly counted the balls, but delivered with a delay. Usually due to network delays between the miner and the pool

  • invalid shares - incorrectly counted the balls. errors of this type indicate incorrect operation of the equipment (for example, overclocking or overheating)
How can I view statistics on the operation of my mining equipment?
Basic mining statistics are available at the link:
In the "address" field, you need to enter your ETH wallet, which is used for mining.
How are you better than other pools?
  • Stable infrastructure.
  • Daily payouts from 0.05 ETH
  • Technical support is working: 24/7
  • Protecting the pool from DDOS attacks.
  • Stable payment by PPS+ method.
  • The pool fee is 0%
Which server should I connect to?
Server address and port to connect to:
  • - Ethereum pool EU
  • - Ethereum pool USA
What mining device do I need?
To start mining in our field, you need to use graphics processors (GPUs) for cryptocurrency mining or leased capacity on NiceHash, Mining RiG Rentals and cloud mining services.
Can I use multiple miners with the same settings?
Yes, of course. However, we recommend connecting each mining device with a unique Reg Name (worker) to effectively track their performance. You can view basic statistics on the work of each worker separately at the link entering in the "address" field your ETH wallet to which mining is performed.
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